Who We Are

To make the people to a level of self-awareness that they can have complete information and self control of their personal well-being and the loved ones

Our Products

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How We Work

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Little Story About Us

Best Ayurvedic products Makes You Feel Rejuvenated, The company that promises healthiness for all by providing quality natural and herbal ayurvedic medicines at affordable prices and committed to care the people for keeping good health. We have comprehensive range of ayurvedic medicine as per GMP certified which are today recommended by popular ayurvedic doctors, health care institutes and hospitals. Since its establishment ArmtreeNaturals is a leading promoters and supplier of Ayurvedic Tablets, Ayurvedic Capsules, Ayurvedic Syrups, Ayurvedic Ointments, Herbal Juices, Dietary Supplements, Beauty nd Cosmetics etc. We offer opportunities for strategic business alliances.


ArmtreeNaturals is a Natural beauty brand. We obtain and use only the best local natural ingredients. Inspired by the ancient knowledge of the Ayurvedic _______ , we use this knowledge to harness the cleansing and cosmetic properties of natural ingredients.

Our product range is promoted ethically all over India, through Ayurvedic marketing professional. Our quality and efficient products are accepted by Doctors in all leading ayurvedic hospitals. Opportunity for franchise marketing on monopolyright exists in all the division in many parts. Under the management of our Director Dr. Praveen Devarakonda, we have Capitalize his rich experience, dynamic leadership and in-depth knowledge in Ayurveda System. We have been able set new benchmarks of excellence in the competitive market. Our aim is to market efficacious, innovative medicine for our valued traders.

Armtree Naturals™ majorly deals with Ayush certified products which are in reach of people that are safe and 100% Pure & Natural Ethically soruced herbal formulations which are clinically tested and approved. Armoma products in the form of essential oil blends for Aroma diffusing. The purpose of Armtree Naturals™ is to use aromatherapy for an elevated sense of well-being by impacting all the chakras in the human body and find a peaceful soul within. Armtree Naturals™ only deals with the blends of Therapeutic grade products and Majorly deals with the Beauty care, Health care, Skin care, Hair care, Aromatherapy, Spa, Pedicure, Manicure etc formulations. Armtree Naturals™ products materials are 100% Natural Ethically sourced Vegan herbals, which are GMO free, Sulfate free, Paraben free, Non Toxic, Cruelty free products Clinically tested and approved & GMP certified manufacturing by Telangana Ayush Department and Drug testing laboratories.Armtree Naturals™ brings the nature’s essence to you with the great passion and healthy relation.

Our Vision

To make the people to a level of self-awareness that they can have complete information and self control of their personal well-being and the loved ones by knowing the right products to work for their Skin, Hair, Health, Beauty, Mind, Body, and Soul.

Our Mission

To bring great product blends into the life and to reach every people and can handle the tools of health are that are not limited to Prescriptions by the Doctors/ Experts but also from their own gain of knowledge experiences and understanding of the uniqueness of their own soul.

WHAT DOES ArmtreeNaturals DO
Healing with Herbal Sense

ArmtreeNaturals Established in 1840, ArntreeNaturals Private Limited is committed to manufacturing natural wellness products, and delivers a full and broad contract manufacturing facilities for the national-wide market

QUALITY Guarantee

In order to achieve Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification, ArmtreeNaturals follows a set of directives regulated by authorized Departments in India. This comprises a system of administers, procedures and documentation that are mandatory to be followed to guarantee that all products manufactured has the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity that appear on the product label. GMP certifications protect consumers to guarantee high quality and to ensure no risk to the populace. The prominent level of standard to keep GMP certification is what guarantees our products of quality.


Our facility has been intended to decrease the possibility of any contamination from outside sources. We have extremely advanced security systems installed to help prevent any unauthorized personnel from accessing the building.


An important part of production health supplements, is the significance of keeping all surrounding and equipment clean. Our well-trained maintenance crew helps keep all equipment functioning to a set of pre-determined quality norms. In order to keep up with modernisation, our equipment meets upgrades and maintenance every year. All the staff must be trained to follow the GMP regulations in order for us to operate as a GMP certified capability. Our staff are comprehensively trained by already experienced professionals to satisfy GMP regulations, and are trained until ready to operate machines and follow procedures.


Earlier to the production process, all raw materials received go through a strict examination process by our Quality Management team. Our Quality Management team guarantees that all raw materials are properly received, stored, sampled, and tested before being used in manufacturing. For every element or ingredient, we test for uniqueness, bacterial, and chemical purity, quantity and potency. In post-production, we preserve samples of all production lots in the case of further testing or quality checks required.


We endeavour for continuous developments in our production process. Our method is continuously assessed to ensure increased efficiency and productivity, and decreased of preventative expensive mistakes and lost time. On-site supervisory consultation service, analytical quality control and 3rd party lab authorisation helps to evaluate our quality system on a regularly basis.


Production Customize Facility

Our experienced team of professionals and manufacturing machinery equipped facility provides us the opportunity to manufacture your supplements to a high quality standard. At ArmtreeNaturals , we honour ourselves in the outcomes or products we produce, so to have the license to offer private label manufacturing services is a chance for us to help you push your business to the next level.


Our objective is to help you expand your business, and bring it to the highest potential. ArmtreeNaturals can guarantee that with our huge network of partners of raw material together with our team of experts and approved provision, we can produce the highest of quality to meet your consumer standards.


ArmtreeNaturals can manufacture your customized product in a range of formats to your specifications such as: liquid, powder, tablets, or capsules.

You can contact us today to discuss your business needs with one of our qualified ayurvedic consultant.


ArmtreeNaturals Private Limited is a licensed, GMP certified ayurvedic manufacturer that is equipped to offer a variety of manufacturing services to meet customer requirements


One of the most important steps in the production process is the combining of several ingredients to form a uniform blend, and in result a consistent end product. After mixing, the dry or wet ingredients will then be able to be further processed and packaged into powder or liquid supplements or capsules.


Traditional tablets still remain as one of the most cost-effective forms of supplements. One of the advantages of tablets is their physical ability to jam-pack as much material in the space provided. This means that consumers will get all the nutrients provided in one single tablet. Tablets also extend the shelf-life of the nutritious,


Capsules are another option when choosing to package your nutrient blends. Capsules can come in a variety of sizes and types, making it easily customizable. Compared to tablets, capsules can be more easily swallowed by consumers, and the thin outer layer of the capsule can be dissolved quickly to allow for increased absorption


Packaging and labelling are the final steps to manufacturing supplements. ArmtreeNaturals provides facility offers a variety of different packaging and label options.


Liquid supplements are great alternatives to tablets or capsules. Swallowing can be hard sometimes for children or the elderly, so liquid supplements are a great option for those people. Liquid supplements have a high bioavailability, which also allow for.