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Naturals Bread Growth Beauty Care Oil


It has a powerfull blend of 7 essential and carrier oils which are chosen for exceptional oil blend to give you well nourished, Thick and long Beard and Mustache.Makes your Beard and Mustache black and shining

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Its is approved by Ayush Department. Made of 100% pure and Natural Ingredients which are Ethically sourced and specially chosen for Beard & Mustache Growth. Ingredients:

Sweet Almond oil :
It will promote beard growth because of the protein, biotin and magnesium. These minerals help to encourage hair growth in areas of our body that needs it due to stress, split ends or dry hair, Contains vitamins A & D helps for beard growth.

It is known for its ability to soften hair while protecting its outer layers. There’s also a belief that coconut oil stimulates hair growth.

Its also be used to soften the skin on your face. When the Facial is healthy, moisturized, and free of obstructions like flaking, clogged pores, or dead skin, beard grows in evenly and is less prone to razor bumps problems.

Coconut oil:
It has been researched thatits used both hair softener and cosmetic ingredient for face. Virgin coconut oil may decrease the formation of split ends, protect and nourishes the skin.

It also promotes healing irritated skin and works as an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent.

jojoba oil:
It cleanses, conditions, and also reduces skin irritations, has natural healing properties, it is anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal helps to reduce acne, spots and blackheads. This oil has antibacterial properties helps to recover from flaky skin, dandruff and dry scalp problems.

Grapeseed Oil:
grapeseed oil for beard growth made the list of best Oil. Its benefit goes beyond making the beard hairs look shiny or making the skin beneath free of dandruff.
It can be used for face and hair scalp moisturizing.
As grapeseed being used for cooking and hair moisturizing, it can also be used for beautification by women and men. Main benefits include,
1. Beard shine restoration.
2. Using grapeseed oil for blood flow promotion.
3. Grapeseed oil for beard hairs conditioning.
4. Recovering from the loss of hair follicles.

Olive Oil:
Applying olive oil on beard everyday makes great wonders in terms of strengthening, hydrating and nourshing the facial hair. If you’ve never used one before, you’ll notice a dramatic difference even after the first use. Below are some the various ways olive oil can benefit your beard.

1. Olive Oil Moisturizes Your Beard
You can apply olive on your beard to nourish and moisturize it. Regular application of olive oil will make your beard soft and shiny. You can also moisturize your skin with olive oil. Explore all the benefits of olive oil for your skin.

2. Olive Oil Makes Your Beard Less Itchy
Olive oil is a natural emollient. Hence, it nourishes your skin underneath the beard. Doing so will make your beard less itchy. You can add some lemon juice to olive as well. This will kill bacteria and reduce itchiness.

3. Olive Oil can Increase Your Beard Growth
Olive oil contains vitamin E which aids beard growth. Olive oil helps in beard growth by penetrating hair follicle and stimulating them. It is best to mix olive oil with an essential oil like rosemary or eucalyptus oil. Your beard hair will become stronger and grow faster.

4. Applying Olive Oil Can Help Prevent Dandruff
By applying olive oil regularly in your beard you can prevent dandruff from spoiling your beard. Olive oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that prevent dandruff. Olive oil also repairs skin tissue underneath your beard.

5. Using Olive Oil Makes Your Beard Easier To Style
Olive oil is a natural emollient which makes your beard unruly. You can apply olive oil on your beard and style it to your taste. Most styling waxes are expensive and contain harmful ingredients at times. Olive oil is effective and inexpensive.

Tea Tree Oil:
Tea tree is excellent for hair growth; when applied to your beard or directly to the scalp it stimulates and increases blood flow to certain area. This in turn improves the conditions for hair follicles to strengthen and grow.

Here are some great benefits for using tea tree oil for beard growth:

1. It protects against build-up
Regular use of beard grooming products like balms and waxes can cause build-up. If product build-up is left unchecked, it can cause hair to lose its natural sheen. Applying Tea Tree Oil to beards prevents excessive build-up and protects hair.

2. Breaks the cycle of dandruff and hair loss, Skin flaking, and hair loss. Tea Tree Oil helps break this chain by restoring moisture to a dry, irritated beard scalp thus helping maintain the thickness of your beard.

3. Stimulant for blood flow
Tea Tree Oil has stimulating properties which naturally improve blood circulation. When blood flow is pumping, naturally your beard growth will occur at a faster pace. Even the scent of tea tree oil can stimulate blood circulation (aromatherapy) and bring about an improvement in your general health and well-being.

4. Unclogs blocked pores
The pores on your beard scalp close due to dirt, and tea tree oil gently unclogs them. It treats inflammation of the pores and helps weed out ingrown hair follicles, all of which are roadblocks to growing a thick and healthy beard.

5. Beard dandruff may seem like a never-ending problem. But using tea tree oil everyday keeps beard-ruff permanently at bay, putting a full stop to that persistent itch.

6. Beard Acne and Spots
Tea Tree Oil is highly therapeutic, and its antiseptic properties repel acne and spots on your beard scalp. It shields growing hair against bacteria and microbes that cause acne and scalp infections.

7. From greasiness to goodness
A greasy beard feels unhealthy and stifling. Greasiness gives rise to numerous problems in your beard that can prevent its growth. Tea Tree Oil in your beard leaves it feeling healthy, light, and non-greasy.

Sesame Oil:
A staple of herbal medicine in the East for the hair and scalp, sesame oil is a very nutritious oil full of zinc and other vitamins and minerals as well. Stops split ends and may even darken graying hair.sesame oil promote beard growth as Well, it’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties fight against skin infections that can perhaps lead to thinning of the beard and beard loss. In addition, it also promotes healthy skin, all of which in turn could possibly lead to using sesame oil for facial hair growth.

Armtree Naturals™ Vit. E oil is a blend of Vitamin E Rich essential and carrier oils which have 4 in one performance enhances your skin and hair health..Mostly used Vitamin E rich 100%Pure & Natural powerful Ayurvedic , Chemical free ingrediets used.

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