Armtree Naturals™ Majorly deals in below services.

1. Online & offline sale of Armtree Naturals™ products


Armtree Naturals™ Products are sold both online and offline, Online products are found at and Online platforms like, , , , shiprocket etc. Armtree Naturals™ Offline products can be found in stores.


2. Retail & Wholesale sales


Armtree Naturals™ products sold by Retail in all kinds of stores to our cusgomers and also sold at wholesale price with the distributors.


3. Loan lisence Manufacturing


Armtree Naturals™ deals in Loan lisence Manufacturing. According to Drug and Cosmetic Act & Rules, “A Loan license is defined as “For the purpose of this rule a loan license means a license which a licensing authority may issue to an applicant who does not have his own arrangements for manufacture but who intends to avail himself of the manufacturing facilities owned by a licensee in form 25 or in form 28 as the case may be.”


In loan licensing, marketing company approaches to Armtree Naturals™ having manufacturing license and use manufacturing facility for manufacturing own products. Then Armtree Naturals™ apply for permission to drug department to allow marketing company for manufacturing products at its manufacturing premises already having manufacturing license and compile with drug manufacturing license requirements. Drug department issue a license to marketing company on the basis of manufacturing premises, technical staff, capacity, specifications of Armtree Naturals™ to manufacture products. This license is known as loan license.


In loan licensing, marketing company can handle complete manufacturing work or some time appoint an authorized person at manufacturing premises which look after manufacturing processes handled by parent manufacturing company during marketing company’s products manufacturing or on basis of mutually agreed term and conditions. Compensation, rent, profit or commission whichever is agreed is paid to manufacturing company by marketing company for availing its manufacturing facility.
In Loan licensing, marketing company works as manufacturer and marketing company name will be shown as manufactured by and loan license number will be shown as manufacturing license number.


4. Third party / While lable / Contract Manufacturing


Third party manufacturing and contract manufacturing, both are the ways to get manufacturing own brand name products from Armtree Naturals™ with or without involvement of manufacturing process. Responsibility of manufacturing process is of Armtree Naturals™ but marketing company may involve in procurement of material required during manufacturing process. This Involvement creates difference between third party manufacturing and contract manufacturing.In both processes require a marketing company and Armtree Naturals™.


When a marketing company orders a product to Armtree Naturals™ for manufacturing at marketing company’s brand name and Armtree Naturals™ provides the goods as per specifications and sources available at its manufacturing facility i.e. Raw material, Essential oils, Carrier oils, Raw extracts, Bases, powders, Creams, bottles, packaging material etc, this process is known as third party manufacturing.


Whereas when marketing company get manufactured its own brand name products at customized terms & specification, and provides or asked for procurement of everything used for manufacturing of that product i.e. raw material, excipients, packaging material, die etc. as per Armtree Naturals™ specifications. Armtree Naturals™ only need to process it to convert into the finished goods with marketing company’s brand name, and in other term, assembling it as per marketing company specifications. This process is known as contract manufacturing.


Marketing company may pay for procurement of special accessories used or may provide these by own to manufacturer for customization of products as per their standard. In some cases, marketing company provides every desire material i.e. raw material, excipients, packaging material, dies etc and in some cases provides some material and remaining is procured by the manufacture


5. Imports and Exports of Raw material supplies (Applicable and intended for the use in Ayurvedic products manufacturing)

Included Ad-on Services

Armtree Naturals™ is a onestop solution in providing / Assistinf below services.


1.  Branding:  Assiting in giving a Brand Name to the products of marketing company.


2. Trademark Application:  Filing an application to the Government to get a Brand Trademark with Patent Rights.


3. Product Designs:  Designing specific products according to the requirement of Marketing company by our Expert Designers.


4. Product Lables:   Products design Lables are designed by the Expert Designers according to the requirement of Marketing company under the Guidelines of products labeling. 


5. Product Cartons:  Outer carton boxes for the products are been designed and printing services are also done with required designs and type of the box with all the product information.


6.  Corrugated boxes:  Corrugated boxes are provided on order with proper dimensions fits to desired products category that can be shipped or delivered with sturdy, Durable, tamper proof and safe boxing.


#Procurement of Packaging materials.  # Raw materials to final Produt reputable moving company that you can trust and feel safe with our natural herbal products. Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of the vast range of ayurvedic medicine and herbal products including.


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